How to send Bulk Emails Using Mailchimp (Ultimate Guide)

How to send bulk emails using mailchimp

Email Marketing is on hike nowadays and sending bulk email is the main part of email marketing.

It’s not possible to send emails one by one to all your email subscribers. 

Yes this problem is solved now you can use email marketing tools to send bulk emails.

In this particular post I will tell you How to send Bulk email using mailchimp.

What you will learn in this article?

In this article we will see step by step How to create mailchimp account, How to add emails in mailchimp account and in the last will see how to send bulk emails using mailchimp.

Let’s start,

How to send bulk email using mailchimp

First we need an email to create a mailchimp account. You can use any email like (gmail, yahoo mail or your business email as well).

How to create a mailchimp account.

It’s very simple, you just need an email to create a mailchimp account.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Signup free on the top right corner


Step 3: Here enter your email, Username, and Password.


Step 4: Click on Signup form below the form.


Step 5: Now mailchimp sends a verification email to the email address provided in the above form.

Step 6: Just activate your account by clicking the verify button available in the verification email and after that your account is ready to use.


These are some simple steps to create your mailchimp account for free.

How to add emails in mailchimp account

After creating a mailchimp account the next step is adding emails to that account.

There are three ways to add emails to mailchimp accounts.

You can upload a csv and txt file to add emails, you can also add emails one by one, and you can also add emails through a subscription form on your website.

How to add emails by uploading csv and txt files.

This method is useful to add bulk emails in just a few clicks.

Let’s see,

Step 1: After logging in to your mailchimp account click on the audience option available in the left menu.


Step 2: Click on all subscribers here


Step 3: Now click on add contacts and choose import contacts.


Step 4: Choose the file where your emails are available.


Step 5: It will take a few seconds to import all emails from that file (You will receive an email after successful email import).

Now we are done with creating a mailchimp account and adding emails to that account now time to send emails to our email subscribers.

How to send bulk emails using  mailchimp

Before sending emails make sure you completed above step (adding email subscribers)

Let’s learn how to send bulk emails

Step 1: After completing the above steps (adding emails subscriber) click on the first option (Create) in the left side menu.


Step 2: Here choose email option in the popup


Step 3: Now enter the campaign name and click on begin


Step 4: Here choose the email subscribers whom you want to send emails and also choose the email from you want to send these emails and enter your email subject.


Step 5: Click on the design email button to design email and write content in the email.


Step 6: Choose the email template here 


Step 7: Edit content of the email design your email as you want to design.

how to send bulk email free

Step 8: After completing the content part click on the continue button

how to send bulk email without spamming

Step 9: Here you can see the preview of your email if the preview is according to you just click on the send button available in the top right corner.

how to send bulk email

Step 10: Boom!! Your email is sent to all your email contacts.

In this article I told you How to send bulk emails using mailchimp step by step. If you have any questions related to mailchimp let me know in the comments and I will answer all your queries there.

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